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Implemented Portfolios tops IMA satisfaction ratings

By February 21, 2018 No Comments

Managed accounts provider Implemented Portfolios has released the results of a commissioned research piece which found positive consumer feedback on its IMA solution.

In late 2017 Investment Trends conducted research intro adviser sentiment towards individually managed account (IMA) offerings in the market.

In a statement, Implemented Portfolios has said its solution received the “highest overall satisfaction rating” in the Investment Trends study, with users giving the product an average score of 7.2 out of 10.

The solution scored well for “prudence of the dynamic asset allocation process”, “transparency of underlying investments”, “direct access to portfolio managers” and “ability to customise individual client portfolio settings” according to the statement.

The research also found that users of the IMA reported “significant efficiency gains” with an average of 22.4 hours per week saved through use of the product.

“The time savings result of 22.4 hours per week is quite extraordinary,” said Implemented Portfolios chief executive of corporate development Santi Burridge.

“We have advocated for many years now that picking managed funds or SMAs on a platform will not transform advice businesses in the same manner as a fully functional IMA.

“It is our view that the key to a successful client relationship is systemising the delivery of the investment piece where the adviser, not the manufacturer is in control.”