Find out why Financial Advisers love partnering with Implemented Portfolios

Hear from QSA Financial Services how Implemented Portfolios helps financial advisers and their clients.

Date of Production: June 2021

The greatest benefit I get from partnering with Implemented Portfolios is strong and consistent outcomes for my clients and an improved bottom line for my business.

Mark Nagle, Treysta Wealth - February 2020

Our partnership with Implemented Portfolios means we can rest easy knowing there is an extremely experienced group of investment professionals with diverse backgrounds and ideas managing our clients’ portfolios and actively managing their asset allocation to steer clear of potential asset bubbles that are brewing.

Each client receives an EFS branded update on their portfolio every week, so they know what is happening within their portfolios.

This allows us to spend more time talking to clients about what really matters to them and their families.

Scott Jamieson, Enlightened Financial Solutions - February 2020

The greatest benefit I get from partnering with Implemented Portfolios is the back-office efficiencies so we can spend more time with our clients & growing our business.

Jesse Phillips, Crest Wealth - February 2020

Finally, there was a manager who was going to go into the realm of providing full transparency to both the client and adviser when looking after our client’s life savings.

The Implemented team genuinely support the adviser and also the client- they individualise the clients' investment preferences and the client’s values without judgement.

Emily Bowker, Culitv8 Financial Advisers - June 2020

It’s a breath of fresh air as an Adviser to engage with our clients without the distraction of portfolio matters and therefore focus on delivering on our value proposition - empowering people to make confident decisions about their financial life.

Because there is the ability for individual discretion and control and frequent communication, our clients are much more settled and engaged in talking to us about the non-portfolio things that really matter.

Jonathan Elliott, Collins SBA - May 2020

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