Implemented Portfolios partners with financial advisers to help ensure that they can spend their time on the things that are core to their role. That means, spending time with clients, understanding what they really value, continuing to align their strategy to their values and communicating regularly with them.

What does that mean for Investment Management?

We believe it's important that you are in control of your clients' investment strategies and deliver a personalised and engaging investment experience, rather than trying to directly manage your clients' investments on a day-to-day basis.


That’s where we come in!


We help you deliver a highly individualised, high touch investment experience, whilst simultaneously creating more time in your business.


Our scalable, adviser branded, Individually Managed Accounts service.

Date of production: February 2021

Provide a more personalised and engaging investment experience to your clients

Today’s advice seekers are more demanding than ever, and rightly so. They desire a personalised investment experience based on their individual and unique preferences, goals and values. But to do this one by one for your clients is a time-consuming burden for any advice business. That’s where we can help. Our IMA service individualises the investment experience for your clients at scale, so you can provide them with a deeply engaging and personalised experience whilst gaining back precious office hours.

Gain back more time

It’s never taken so much time to run an advice practice. Our IMA solution saves advisers approximately 22.4 hours per week*

According to an independent study conducted by Investment Trends in 2017

Back office efficiency

By partnering with advisers to deliver a scalable investment service to your clients, we release you from the day-to-day operations of investment management, allowing you to spend less time in your back office and more time in front of your clients.

Best interest duty

As a licensed Managed Discretionary Account provider, our highly individualised, high touch IMA service is delivered by our team of professional portfolio managers who remodel and manage your clients’ portfolios. This includes incorporating any instructions that are provided to suit the unique requirements of the client, helping you to meet the best interests of your clients, without having to undertake excessive manual administration to achieve this outcome.

Adviser branded communications

An integral part of our partnership with advisers is to provide your clients with regular and engaging communications on your behalf. Written portfolio and markets commentary is provided on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis, and these are always branded with your practice details and logo.

Masterclass and Meet the Manager briefings for you and your clients

An adviser partnership with Implemented Portfolios gives you the opportunity to host ‘Meet the Manager’ events for your clients with a member of the Asset Allocation and Investment Committee as a guest speaker on relevant investment topics.

Regular support and Training

Our IMA service includes

One on one and group training sessions

Seminars and PD days

IP Masterclass series

Secure online Adviser portal

Point of sale marketing tools

Dedicated help desk

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