Our Executive Team

Greg Kirk

Executive Chairman

Katie Gill

Chief Operating Officer

Ian White

General Manager - Corporate

Santi Burridge

Founder and Chief Executive of Corporate Development

Our Corporate Development Team

Phil Pilgrim

Corporate Development Executive

Tahlia Rozis

Corporate Development Associate

Our Asset Allocation and Investment Committee

Jon Reilly

Chief Investment Officer and Co-Founder

Paul Dortkamp

AAIC Chair

Tim Farrelly

Jonathan Pain

Consultant to the CIO and AAIC team

Our Portfolio Management Team & Custody

Chris Smith

Head of Investment Services

Emery Wong

Portfolio Manager

Dean Roberts

Senior Portfolio Manager

Samantha Feeley

Portfolio Operations Assistant

Jemmy Pola

Head of Custody & Administration

Marketing, Communications and Public Relations

Naomi Christopher

National Manager – Marketing and Communications

Adviser Services Team

Natasha Daniels

Head of Adviser Services

Kate Chaseling

Head of Projects & Service Delivery

Aaron Bray

Adviser Service Manager

Anne Ngo

Adviser & Client Service Manager

Rohan Dunne

Adviser & Client Service Manager

Robert Howell

Business Optimisation Specialist

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